Lookup Picker

Improve the Quality of your SharePoint User Interface. With the "Sapiens.at.SharePoint LookupPicker" you get a proven and familiar User-Interface Component that makes it a lot easier to work with Lookups.

Due to the similarity between the Sapiens.at.SharePoint LookupPicker and the *PeoplePicker" this Custom Field fits seamlessly into the existing User Interface and requires no further explenation.

Quick Access using Auto-Complete and a custom search form.

Due to the Auto-Complete it's usually enough to tip a few characters. If the string results in an unique item the input is being completed. Otherwise all results are listed as suggestions.

The search form enables a detailed search for configured parameters.

Fully configurable

The Sapiens.at.SharePoint LookupPicker provides a number of settings like:
  • Configure the column to primary display and search for. (from a list within the current or another Web in the SiteCollection)
  • Configure as Single- or Mulit-Lookup
  • Select the Columns to display and search for in addition
  • Limit the results to certain ContentTypes
  • ...

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